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  1. General questions
    1. Computer-vision-related technology is used in AlphaGo to play GO (O)
    2. With proper training, machines can beat humans in terms of performance for recognizing objects, sounds, images, etc. (O)
  2. Data science fundamentals
    1. Say a traffic light has three signals: “red”, “yellow”, “green.” We can index them as 0, 1, 2, respectively, for training a machine learning model. (X)
    2. To better train a machine learning model, we should have as many features as possible for each sample. (X)
  3. Machine learning
    1. Dataset must have labels to perform supervised learning (O)
    2. Decision tree is robust to overfitting (X)
  4. Deep learning
    1. Deep learning model is usually underfitting the dataset (X)
    2. One basic component in a neural network is the “activation function,” and the most important characteristic of activation function is linearity (X)
  5. Programming
    1. “print (X[0:2,:])” will print out exactly two values. (X)
    2. “x = tf.constant(1)” and then “print(x)”, we will see 1 printed out. (X)




  • 人工智能技术的现状

  • 人工智能的市场需求

  • 人工智能求职与面试

  • 机器学习的技术框架

  • 深度学习的基本原理

  • 项目展示和课程安排






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